ProfiStoyGrup provides a variety of services in the construction industry of bridges, pipelines, roads of any complexity, assembly hardware, construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities conducting general construction works and other related. Our solutions are tailored to fit clients’ needs. We provide such services as:

personnel leasingoutstaffingrecruitment

These types of staffing services are our key business but we strive to provide flexible staffing solutions that work for you. Whether you’re looking for temporary help to tackle a project quickly and effectively, a temp-to-hire candidate to find the perfect fit, or a direct-hire associate to begin working immediately, we’re here to assist you in your search.


Most staffing agencies focus on recruiting personnel. ProfiStroyGrup is focused on retaining the right personnel by leasing it from project to project. So our clients can work with the same specialists they like for years without any need to hire them.

  • The biggest benefit to use a personnel leasing way of operating is the fact that you can unload your accounting and HR departments. Documentation flow, taxes, employee benefits and book-keeping functions are taken on by ProfiStroyGrup.
  • Another advantage for you as an employer in personnel leasing lies in legitimate tax reduction. All the necessary taxes determined by the legislation on the monthly basis is paid by ProfiStoryGrup.
  • Benefit from the flexibility that personnel leasing provides: you can opt to take on people for a long or short period of time without having to increase the company’s headcount and worrying about workers’ compensation insurance.
  • You can carry out activity in all countries at post-Soviet aria without opening representative offices or branches.

Today many companies apply outstaffing to reduce the costs and the risks related to personnel, to solve the problems with certain restriction on the number of personnel and the budget of the company.

  • By choosing outstaffing you can reduce the personnel list but actually keep the number of employee unchanged. The employees continue working at the previous workplace and fulfill the same tasks, but the rights and obligations of the employer are being legally moved to ProfiStroyGrup.
  • Costs optimization: There is no need to hire/dismiss accountants and managers when headcount fluctuates. ProfiStroyGrup concludes labor agreements, maintains work and social secure documents, calculates and pays taxes to the funds in accordance with the current legislation, etc.
  • Opportunity to avoid claims and penalties from authorities. There is no need anymore to follow every change in the Employment law - you are prevent from any kind of labor disputes. This is especially useful during project execution abroad.

ProfiStroyGrup recruits for temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire roles across a range of specialisations and is dedicated to getting it right. We are as flexible as your needs, with workers that can fill a gap in any workforce. We maintain a database of candidates and have over two thousands candidates successfully placed in roles just in the last 3 years. 

  • Your company being saved the trouble and cost of advertising, interviewing and hiring. ProfiStroyGrup oversees the entire process, leaving you to get on with your own tasks.
  • Our Project Managers have the possibility to individually approach candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but who could be motivated to consider alternative professional opportunities.
  • The personnel we provide is adaptable and organized, and our attention to detail over each placement means that the worker comes double-checked, informed and ready.


At the beginning of contract a Customer-company gives us a clear picture of the planed project and estimate employee amount of each trade the company wants to lease during the contract period. The Customer gets an individual Project Manager. He selects candidates resumes according to Customer’s needs and sends them to the Interviewer - a high qualified specialist who checks candidates qualification and supportive documents. The list of approved candidates comes back to the Project Manager and is discussed with the Customer.

Personnel provided by ProfiStroyGrup is used to work in constant teams (brigades) same as independently. The head of the team (overman) is responsible for the whole team during the shift/contract. He can be contacted by Site Manager with any questions that concerns the work or behavior of his team. He is that element that connects his team - sometimes directly and sometimes via master or foreman, - with the Site Management and makes sure that the work segment his team is responsible for is done the way it is need to be done.

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